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Mission e Vision

Diasen has an important mission to fulfill, a vision that goes far beyond the limits of its sector and impacts on people’s quality of life, on the balance of the planet and on the future that we are able to leave behind.

The focal points for diasen

orienting technology, research, innovation, products and work towards a compatible chemistry that places itself for the human being in his most urgent and ancient need: the incessant search for living spaces capable of satisfying ever more complicated needs of protection, well-being and comfort.

Our reference horizon is a building that, in the next twenty years, can become completely sustainable. This is why Diasen has embarked on an innovative and irreversible path: we chose natural raw materials, betting on the strategic centrality of cork, resorting to synthetic materials, which are never beyond what strictly necessary is.

Strong values are needed to support such a demanding vision. Diasen has summarized them in a suggestive scheme of 6 P’s, whom lead all together to the seventh: Perfection.



The product is the essence, the beeing reason, from where the substance comes and returns.


It is the reasoned perimeter, the proposal that generates a high standard of value.


They are the basis of success because they ensure intelligence, sensitivity and warmth.


Passion is the propellant that transforms a project into the desire for a goal.


Long-lasting relationships help for a develop of a partnership that creates value.


Preserving the environment, conserving buildings and relationships: strong links of sustainability.


The horizon and the synergy that derive from the combination of all the other values.

Diasen’s Vision

A mission that involves a choice of green field. To be green by choosing value instead of price. Preferring sustainability to functionality.

To become green you need to be different in everyday things:

exploring new markets without fear;

striving to be great, recognizable and memorable;

always believing in the sustainable uniqueness of our products;

setting sail for new horizons compared to competitors;

seeking the strongest and most convincing proposition of value.

Be different is a mindset but also a method to be result-oriented. In one word, smart, because this is the only way to give the work the two great keys to success: intelligence of materials and intelligence of solutions.