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Diathonite Screed

Ecological cork based screed for better
thermal and acoustic comfort

Thermal conductivity

λ = 0,060 W/mK

the correct mix of carefully selected natural raw materials allows the product to reach important levels of acoustic insulation.


∆Lw = 22 dB
L’nw = 58 dB

Thanks to cork and its porous structure, the product achieves excellent levels of impact sound insulation.

Fire resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.


ρ = 600 ± 10% kg/m³

The aggregates within the matrix give the product extreme lightness, easing its application.

Compressive strength

> 10 N/mm²

Given the presence of natural hydraulic binders, class CS5 is obtained. This is declared (as certified by the CE 13813 marking) a mechanical resistance class suitable for finishing screeds.

Flexural Strength

>2 N/mm²

Highly flexible, it also allows applications on supports or floors that can generate movements.

Sustainability certifications

Identifies Diathonite Creed as a low environmental impact product with a sustainability that involves all phases of its life cycle.

Recognizes that Diathonite Creed has the ability to contribute to healthier spaces, healthy air, better thermal comfort and energy saving.

Performance certifications

The CE marking identifies Diathonite Creed as a product complying with European construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

The UKCA marking identifies Diathonite Thermactive.037 as a product complying with UK construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

Fibre reinforced insulating screed to improve acoustic and thermal performance

Low thickness, highly breathable, mould resistant

  • Lovely warm insulated floor from cold, heat and sound
  • Highly breathable
  • Fireproof/non-combustible: class A1
  • Lightweight product, ideal for renovations
  • Fibre-reinforced: good compressive strength
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Suitable for plant drowning
  • Product with CE marking (EN 13813)

Kavkaz Café: the excellence of the screed

“Architecture means building environment for the people, universities, museums, schools, concert halls: these are all places that become outposts against barbarism.”

Renzo Piano

Diathonite Screed contains only natural materials and qualifies for LEED points, which means it can be used in projects with strict environmental requirements or in heritage and listed buildings.

The magic of materials

The materials used in Diathonite Screed make it lightweight, easy to work and an excellent insulator.

Hydraulic Lime

The ancient wisdom of Mediterranean building

Natural fibres

The great circular challenge of reuse

Diatomaceous earths

The hidden treasure of the oceans


The porous and light natural aggregate

The Mediterranean mark of comfort

Cork plays a fundamental role in the level of thermal and acoustic insulation performance. Its peculiar properties – lightness, resilience and porosity – are the fundamental reasons for Diathonite Screed excellence.


Thermal well-being formula

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