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Diathonite Acoustix

Acoustic plaster for indoor comfort


The acoustic performance of porosity

Diathonite Acoustix formulation components have a high level of porosity that improves the sound insulation and sound absorbing performances of the product.


μ = 4

Walls are free to breathe, thus leading to permanently dry façades. Thanks to the high permeability coefficient, indoor humidity is perfectly balanced, preventing the formation of mould and condensation.

Thermal conductivity

λ = 0,083 W/mK

Thanks to the right mix of raw materials, high thermal insulation performance is achieved.

Fire resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.

Mechanical resistance

5,30 N/mm²

High compressive strength capable of giving the wall greater consistency and stability.

Thermal resistance (R)

0,120 m² K/W

A high level of thermal comfort that guarantees a permanently dry wall.


NRC 0.60
αw = 0.65

Average between the frequencies 500HZ, 1000HZ, 2000HZ and 4000HZ which describes the sound absorption performance of a material.


A macroporous structure with a high air content that provides excellent acoustic insulation performance.

Sustainability certifications

It identifies Diathonite Acoustix as a low environmental impact product with a sustainability that involves all phases of its life cycle.

Diathonite Acoustix recognizes the ability to contribute to healthier spaces, better indoor air quality and energy savings.

Performance certifications

The CE marking recognizes that Diathonite Acoustix complies with European construction standards and the rules governing its dissemination and use.

The UKCA marking recognizes that Diathonite Acoustix complies with UK construction standards and the rules governing its dissemination and use.

Sound insulation in every environment

Noise reduction and sound absorption with additional moisture regulation and thermal benefits

    • Provides a significant improvement to the acoustics of a building thanks to its excellent sound absorbing properties:
      NRC 0.60
      αw = 0.65
    • High breathability, thus avoiding mould formation and condensation
    • Excellent compression resistance
    • Reaction to fire: class A1
    • Quick application (plastering machine)
    • Product with double CE (EN 998-1 and EN 998-2) and
      double UKCA (BS EN 998-1 and BS EN 998-2) certification
    • It can be applied on top of old plasters
    • Easily applicable on curved surfaces and complex geometries
    • LEED credits: natural and environment friendly solution

Bocconi University: acoustic improvement in social spaces

“Listening without distraction is the greatest gift you can give yourself or another person.”

Denis Waitley

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